Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Week 17

Exercise 9 - Finish the following 'my novel is about......

.........a woman who, on catching sight of her reflection in a mirror one evening, sees what she has become since her husband left and realises that she can't go on like this.  The novel follows her through the next day as she comes to terms with the changes she needs to make and meets the people who will help her.  A second story intertwines as the novel takes the reader back to the day she first met her husband and tells the story of their life together up to the day that he left.  The two stories come together as she starts to talk to her son about his father and shares with him how their life together is going to get better.

This was really difficult to put together, how much to share that gives some of the plot but not all of it.  How much to describe and how much to keep behind.  I'll be eternally grateful to the friend who suggested keeping one part of the story to the end and I will be doing my best not to give that away during this blog.  I am not brilliant at keeping secrets so this will be a very good test for me!  

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  1. Sounds like a brilliant story - I will look forward to reading it :-)