Sunday, 20 April 2014

Week 20

Week 20 sees the beginning of Phase 2.  I had no awareness there was a Phase 1, which makes it  disappointing not to have known that I was coming to the end and completion of something before  finding myself at a beginning.  Phase 1 was the warming up, phase 2 is the start of significant effort and the writing of the novel starts.  I have been instructed to clear the decks for the next ten weeks, cancelling all non-essential appointments and pull in favours for any essential ones.  I need to set myself targets (assuming in nos of words) and write as much of my novel as I am carrying about.  No worrying about structure, any random bits of any random chapters, just direction to go and get on with it.  Looking at my calendar, this is a good week to start.  I am about to stay with my parents for a week as my mother is just out of hospital after a heart op and I am on week 2 care duty, my sister having done week 1 and coming back for week 3.  Whilst I also have some writing from work to do, I hope that I can get some time in between to get a head start.  2000 words a week seems a good go, that would make 20,000 over the ten weeks. How many in an average novel, no idea.  I'll start with 2,000 and see how it goes.  I am both excited and terrified, this seems to be a repeating pattern, which also seems to be working well so far!  Off we go.......

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