Sunday, 27 April 2014

Week 21 ctd

I got so carried away with my writing that I forgot to read the book or do this week's exercise.  I have to write a passage on my lead character cutting her thumb.  Louise doubts that this will ever appear in a novel but I have a funny feeling it might be in mine.

Exercise 11

"Dammit".   I put down the piece of glass and cross over to the sink,  Turning on the cold tap, I hold my thumb under the running water.  I watch the blood washing down the plug hole before looking back at the glass.  I'd found it down the side of the washing machine and had instinctively picked it up.  I was probably lucky not to have cut my hand and the nail on my thumb seems to have stopped this being worse too.  With the bleeding stopping, I open a kitchen drawer to get the plasters out.  Winnie the Pooh or Buzz Lightyear, choices, choices.  I plump for Winnie the Pooh and, after putting on some antiseptic cream, wrap the bear over the cut.  Going back to the washing machine, I look down the side and see what is most of a wine bottle in several pieces.  Putting on the washing up gloves and using the broom handle I bring most of it out into the kitchen floor.  The stench of vinegar is quite sickening, it obviously wasn't empty when it broke.  I brush up the glass into the bin, can't be doing with recycling that lot.  

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