Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Week 19

Exercise 10 Write the CV of your main character or one of them, usual stuff, name, date of birth etc.....

Amazing how attached I have become to these people in my head and almost don't want to let them out.  There's feelings of possession, ownership, secrecy, exclusivity, nothing positive it has to be said.  Oh well, better out than in so they say, let's see how specific I can be......

Her name is Frankie (Francesca Allen) she works in a bookshop in Bristol, early 20s, graduated with a degree in English Literature, wants to be a writer, doesn't like giving away her birthday.   Parents living in London, Dad a dentist, Mother a nurse.  Frankie dreams of a life in the country with views of the sea, a desk at a window, her books on the shelf.  She loves to feel the sand between her toes, the wind in her hair and the sound of the sea.  She quite likes the idea of falling in love and finding her soulmate and yet she relishes isolation, solitude, her own company.  Not that keen on marriage, she doesn't see herself as mother material.  She attends the occasional aerobic class but doesn't really enjoy it and isn't much into competitive sports.  Her ideal evening is a good meal, quiet drink and dancing to a decent band at a small club she goes to.

His name is Mac (James MacDonald), just graduated from vet school in Cardiff, also early 20s and if she's not giving her birthday then neither is he.  Parents living just outside Edinburgh and yes, definitely a Scot.  Dad a university lecturer, Mum a GP.  Mac has always been considered very bright and, although he would say he was lucky, enjoys hard work and does well in exams.  Originally, he was undecided between veterinary science and medicine but, with a desire to do his own thing rather than follow the family route of many doctors, vet school won out.  While he works hard, he also plays hard, both in a sporting and musical capacity.  In the university rugby team from day one and forming a band with course mates, he's never been short of a social life.  He doesn't really think about the future but takes things as they come, a day at a time.

Not quite a CV but definitely building up a picture, maybe I'll evolve into favourite ice cream flavours, tea or coffee, last film, first single.  Maybe, I'll provide answers for all requests.....


  1. They sound like intriguing characters. Could his father being a GP and her mother being a nurse be what brings them together I wonder? :-)

    1. Sorry, meant his mother not father!

  2. Ah, we will have to see......