Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Poetry 18

I bared my soul
So you might too
And now it's dust
What to do.
Build it back
Start afresh,
Let go again,
One more test.
Testing what
I hear you ask
Test my love
My faith, my heart.

Poetry 17

Trust.  Trust him, trust you, trust me.
Trust us all, unconditionally.
Dig in deep, let it show.
Take life back, have one more go.

Poetry 16

If I see you, I'll kill you,
That's how it must be.

With a knife, from behind,

Poetry 15

Simply, gently, quietly now.
There's movement afoot.
Soften that brow.
Be calm, be patient, just you see,
Your moment is coming,
Wait, let it be.