Saturday, 11 February 2017

Week 39

Frustratingly, there was an exercise to do this week when all I wanted to do was go and write about Frankie, however this is how I'm making progress, yes it is progress, so I'm sticking with it.  Here goes......

Exercise 20 - write six lines of dialogue, two people three lines each.  Discussing the refurbishment of a local library and communicate to your reader that they dislike each other intensely without them saying it outright.

Blimey, didn't fancy this at all but this is where it got to, let me know what you think...

A: "How can you possibly like the work they've done in the Fiction section, it's completely chaotic."
B: "Do you really think that?  Oh no, I love the way it moves around, it's so fluid."
A: "Fluid, are you kidding me, what's with fluid?  One of the objectives of a library is surely to enable people to find the books they are looking for, not to wander around in some vague hope of connecting the end of L to the beginning of M.  I shouldn't be surprised though, you always do have    a way of disagreeing with me."
B: "Oh please, don't be so paranoid.  I was merely reflecting that I like it, I'm much more of a browser than you, waiting for a spark from a title or a cover to attract me to something new.  How constraining to only look for books from a list and not be open to finding something you weren't looking for."
A: "Of course, complete misinterpretation of everything I say and so presumptuous that you could in anyway know me."
B: "You're overreacting, all I said was that I liked something you didn't, just my point of view, not some great statement that needs exclaiming about and embellishing into the latest drama.  Like you said, complete misinterpretation."

Possibly a bit too obvious, very hard having homework with no-one to mark it......

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