Friday, 24 February 2017

Poetry 4

Did you choose me
Or did I choose you
Does the parent decide
Was it my choice too?
Did I tear up your dreams
Put aside all those plans
When I arrived in your life
No room for this lamb.
The timing was off
For you and for me
I didn't want
To be your baby.

I've been working it through
For a long while now
Not holding back
Turning it round.
But now and again
It comes back to haunt
That moment of birth
The start of it all.
It wasn't the best
But it is what it is
You did what was right
That's why I exist.

I love you so much
For standing by me
For taking me on
For letting me be.
It's tough in this game
There's ups and there's downs
You gave me a chance
I hope that you're proud
Of what I've become
Of the choices I make
For the life that I lead
The chances I take.

Now I've two of my own
I know what it means
To have greater hopes
To hold bigger dreams.
To feel deep love
And give it away
Without a want
No debt to repay.
I hold on tight
To the time that I have
And know that I'm loved
And feel very glad.

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