Monday, 18 November 2013

Week 5

Not so good this week.  Yesterday was the anniversary of my becoming a mother.  More commonly  known as D's birthday.  I have no idea what is going on but it knocks me for six every time.  This year was better but today was too much for me and I have spent most of it hitting my head, literally and otherwise.  I am much relieved that it is an exercise week and that I don't have to share anymore of it.

Exercise 3
Think about a time in your life when you had an accident, a physical accident, and write a simple and straightforward account of it.

I cut my toe, my big toe, on a light bulb.  No, I wasn't walking across the ceiling, just tidying my room.  Tidying is possibly an understatement.  I was moving everything in my room, everything that I could physically move.  Which included my desk and my lamp, hence the bulb.  Walking across my room, with stuff scattered everywhere, I cut my big toe on a light bulb.  And boy, did it bleed.  I think it was the blood that caused me to scream, closely followed by my dad leaping up the stairs to my aid.  It became clear, quite quickly, that this was not going to be a sticking plaster moment and off to A&E we went.   I don't remember being in A&E that first time.  But I do remember going back when it became apparent that there was still a piece of glass left in.  One X-ray later and back into minor surgery we went, me and my toe.  The second set of stitches felt pain free in comparison to the previous ones and much to my relief it healed very quickly.

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