Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Week 15

Exercise 8 - write a paragraph from the point of view of an inanimate object.

See if you can guess what it is :)

She looks at me again.  I see her face, empty and sad.  Her eyes glance over me, briskly and sparingly.   I wonder what it is that stops her from looking at me properly; what it is that she doesn't want to see.  She has amazing blue eyes.  Sometimes they are the colour of the deepest ocean, sometimes the brightest summer sky and sometimes the darkest rain clouds.  I can see so much of her in her eyes and yet she refuses to look into them, as if she's scared of what she might see.  I wish she would try.  If she tried, I could show her everything that she's been looking for.  I want to show her, I want her to see.  I want her to know that her soul is waiting for her, that it is safe to look at.  She has a beautiful soul but it needs to be seen, to be seen by her so that she can share it.  An unseen soul cannot find its way out into the world.   I must wait; wait patiently for the day when she will come to me and she will look.

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