Thursday, 9 January 2014

Week 11

I really meant to write on time this week and then the exercise put me off.  The word ‘research’ arose and my lack of time management skills kicked in.  It’s one thing putting time aside to write but a completely different thing putting time aside to research and then write.  Sadly I achieved neither and have only just now started the (non-researched) writing bit, hoping that I manage to complete the exercise too.   I’ve realised that the opportunities of a new year don’t work well for me.  Too much expectation of the future and too much looking back into the past.  This year I am working at letting it all go and just looking at today.  It’s how I got sober and is such an amazing gift in terms of living that I don’t understand why it is so difficult for me to put it into practice in the rest of my life.  That probably comes back to the expectation of others and the habits of the past, that’s what I will be letting go of.

Exercise 6 – create an entirely fictional character from a country that you haven’t visited and write a paragraph in which that person introduces themselves.

Hei!  My name is Mooni, it comes from the Finnish name Salomon, meaning peace.  I live in the north of Finland, in a small town called Ivalo.   It is a great centre for people wishing to see the Northern Lights and, together with my wife Nelli, we run our own excursion company.  It is an incredibly beautiful place to live, not just for the lights but if you love the outdoor life.  In winter we can go skiing (both downhill and cross country), snowboarding, husky and reindeer sledge riding, whilst in the summer there is trekking and hiking in the Saariselkä fjells, canoeing in rivers, mountain biking and fishing.

How dull.  I don't think I really embraced that one.  Perhaps I should try again...

Hei! My name is Mooni, not quite Moomin, which is a relief as my wife, Nelli, is a huge Moomin fan.  We live in the home of the Moomins, Suomi also known as Finland, and we know them as Muumi not Moomins.  (Not sure if this is any more interesting or if I'm just not taking this seriously.)

What I may do here is take the chance to change and not follow the process, because at the moment, this doesn't suit me and I don't feel like writing it.  What is of more interest, is that I have found a really lovely cafe to write in right opposite the Costa that I have been going to for months.  Sadly am on my way to my counselling so can't sit here for long but it feels like somewhere right to write :) so will drop off now and come back later when I have time.  Maybe this will be the year of change, of doing the things I want to do, the way I want to do them.  That would be good if I can do it honestly and with love.  Love for those around me who have put up with so much and love for those who have had it easy.  Either way, it feels like a really good place today, amazing what a difference a day can make.

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